2017 Watch Word for the PWB

2017 Watch Word
On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. 38 Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7: 37-38 NRSV

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Serving and Sharing Newsletter May 2020

Serving and Sharing Newsletter

Presented by the Provincial Women’s Board
Special Edition: Looking for God during the Covid 19 Pandemic
May 7, 2020

Dear Sister's,
Who would have thought that three months ago my next newsletter would be written during a Covid19 Pandemic?  I am so thankful for new technology that has enabled us to be together with our friends, family and churches with virtual visits without being able to touch each other.  For me, the hugging, is what I have missed the most.  I miss hugging my friends, and especially my family.  It is so hard to see them and not hug them.  I have missed my church and being uplifted each week by our Pastor's message and being with friends who I go to lunch with each week after church. This Pandemic has made me realize how much human touch and being with other humans means to our society.  I do not feel that we will be the same again as we have all been touched in different ways during these times.  Our Provincial Women's Board had to cancel our Spiritual Life Retreat at Laurel Ridge during this time.  That is one of the times when all women in the Southern Province can come together and be with friends that we do not see often, and have our spirits uplifted by having a meaningful study of God's presence in our lives.  We hope that you will save the date for our next Spiritual Life Retreat April 23-25, 2021 at Laurel Ridge.  Our speaker will be Sister Donna Hurt, and our theme will be Favorites in our Faith.  We hope to see all of you then.
Our next meeting together will be the Fall Celebration held at New Philadelphia Moravian on August 29, 2020.  Will have registration at 9:00AM and lunch will be served at 12:00PM. Please save the date and we will have reminders and registration forms sent closer to the time and we hope to see all of you there.
This will be my last newsletter to you as your president.  It has been a pleasure serving you the past two years and words cannot express the joy and love that I have received by serving as your President of the Provincial Women's Board. The next president will be Sister Pam Prevatte, who is a member of New Hope Moravian Church in Newton, North Carolina, and the Vice President will be Sister Vicki Stanfield, who is a member of Friedberg Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  These two ladies are dear to my heart and will serve you well.
Again, it has been a pleasure and I wish all of you well and stay safe.
Kay Vance 

The 2020\2021 Spiritual Life Retreat

Thoughts on the Spiritual Life Retreat by Donna Hurt Many of us were looking forward to being together at Laurel Ridge last month for the Spiritual Life Retreat. As the facilitator for that event, I was getting excited about that weekend, and had thought a lot about what we would explore within the theme of “Favorites in Our Faith.” But as we all know, the world turned upside down, normalcy disappeared, and the retreat did not happen. Did not happen in April of 2020 that is … but will take place in April of 2021 ....  April 23-25 to be exact. I've been asked to share some of the activities we WOULD have experienced last month, and therefore probably WILL experience next April, when hopefully many of you can join us on the mountain.
What two hymns are your favorites, based on the tune or the words, or a meaningful association that song has with your life? This will be the question for our Friday night gathering. It might be hard to narrow personal answers down to only two favorites that touch your heart the most, but that's the goal. In small groups, we'll share more about those choices, and then report the hymn titles to the total group so we can see if there are any overall favorites.
What is your favorite Bible passage, and might there be any stories in the Old or New Testament that closely relate to something that has happened in your own life? Using these questions as the focus for our Saturday morning session, I'll begin with some teaching moments on the Bible's division into 10 different sections and why that's important for us to understand. After discussion in small groups, everyone will share their favorite passage (probably from memory) with the total group. And we'll watch to see which sections of the Bible most of these choices come from. 
After the morning session and before lunch, those who wish to participate will be invited to try their hand at “craft time.”
Who are several people, living or dead, who have greatly influenced your faith journey? Are there any places that have special spiritual meaning for you? Our Saturday evening conversation will be about people and places. Returning to the same small groups that will gather all three times, individuals will share the story surrounding their personal answers, and then each group will creatively record those responses in picture form on a large poster to be shown to everyone.
On Sunday morning after worship, which will include some of our favorite hymns and some of our favorite scripture, we'll gather for brunch to bring our retreat to a close. So, that leaves nearly a whole year for thinking about how you would answer my questions during each of the three sessions!!
I do hope to see many of you at Laurel Ridge in April, 2021.
Donna Hurt

With the impact of COVID 19, I appreciate the Provincial Women's Board's decision to cancel the Spiritual Life Retreat in April of this year., however, I am very disappointed that I will not be able to attend this moving experience. In addition, I truly looked forward to Sister Donna Hurt being our speaker.  She is an inspiration to all who know her or about her works. I also look forward every year to spending time at the beautiful Laurel Ridge Conference Center.  Most of all I look forward to being with many of our Moravian Sisters as a wonderful opportunity for all attending to renew fellowships, our spirits, and our faith as we draw closer to God and one another. Hopefully, many of us will be together soon again.  Blessings to all, Dottie Sayers
Unity Moravian Church, Lewisville, N.C.

From Sunnyside:
Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I; send me!” - Isaiah 6:8 (NRSV)
Daily, Sunnyside Ministry is hearing this call and is serving our community with Food and Financial Assistance. Normally you would hear us saying, “we need your help as a volunteer.” You might hear us telling you how your group could volunteer.” Now we are unable to have volunteers in the building.   You will hear these requests again very soon but for the time being, we need your support in other ways.
An example of the many creative ways to help us is seen at Friedberg Moravian where the Women’s Fellowship organized a drive thru food drive in honor of the churches 284th anniversary. It really is as wide as your imagination. 
We need two things right now, food and money, in no particular order. We have seen an increase in food requests of 70% over the last month and a half. During this same period, finding food resources has been difficult and our costs for food have increased by about 75%.
The other thing that we ask of everyone is that you pray for us:  for the staff and clients at Sunnyside Ministry, that we are safe during these uncertain times; that we have the resources we need and that we are soon back to business as usual. 

God is with US, even in our Social Distancing, Quarantining Lives

In all my years, I can count on my one hand the times I’ve used “sequestered” in a conversation, in a sentence, in a thought!  Now, it is ever present in all the above.  I miss the fellowship of my sisters who are also sequestered.  But here is what I know and what gives me comfort during these uncertain times:  “Don’t panic. I’m with you.  There’s no need to fear for I’m your God.  I’ll give you strength.   I’ll help you.  I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you.” Isaiah 41:10 (The Message translation) I am claiming that promise and someday soon, God will rejoice with us as we’re able to “un-sequester.” Blessings, Judy Albert, Mizpah Moravian Church, Tobaccoville NC, PWB member

In case you didn’t know, I’m a ‘people person’. I haven’t hugged anyone in such a LONG TIME!
I have watched church services and Holy Week Readings on my iPad, being grateful for the technology that is available to me.
I have used this time to make masks for all my family and in-laws.  Ever the mom, protecting my kids, grandkids and extended family.
I‘ve also joked often that I’m going to be the size of an elephant when this is over since I seem to be eating much more often! Thankful that we can still get the supplies that we need in my area.
I’m enjoying being outside during most of these beautiful days with MANY people walking all over the neighborhood.
Love and Peace, Patti West, Clemmons Moravian Church, Clemmons NC, PWB member

Upon receiving the email from the PWB asking for reflections of God during this time I was having mixed emotions concerning COVID19.  I prayed and God led me to The Lord's Prayer where I received peace.
After praying I felt led to contact my church members who are shut-ins and members who live alone. 
When I started calling what a "joy" of happiness I could hear in their voices to receive encouragement during this stay at home time period we all are experiencing.  I shared Philippians 4:6-7  "Do not be anxious about anything , but with every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God ", with each phone call I made which gave me joy and comfort from God knowing I had brought "sunshine" through a phone call.
Julia Horton
1st John 3:11

I  believe that the Lord Jesus Christ has had His Hand in this pandemic by bringing us closer together not only to our friends and loved ones but to Him also.  Every morning before breakfast my husband Gray and I pray together the Moravian Blessing.  After that I read aloud from the Moravian Daily Text, Mornings With Jesus (from Guidepost) and finally the Daily Guidepost Devotional.  Of these three books the Daily Text has been spot on giving us hope and comfort during these difficult times.  I feel that this is no accident and the Lord is speaking directly to us through the scriptures, hymns, and prayers.
Recently a lady from Friedberg who sits beside me in the choir called me to check on Gray and I.  She shared a poem written by a female Methodist minister that was sent to her by a friend.  I found it very moving and touching and I would like to share it with my Moravian sisters.
What if we thought of it
as the Jews consider the Sabbath-
The most sacred of times?
Cease from travel, buying, and selling.
Sing. Pray. Touch only those
To whom you commit your life.
Center down.  When your body is still,
Reach out with your heart.
Know that we are connected in ways
That are terrifying and beautiful.
Know that our lives are in one another’s hands.
(Surely, that has become clear.)
Do not reach out your hands.
Reach out your heart and your words.
Reach out all the tendrils of compassion
That move where we cannot touch.
Promise the world your love,
For better or for worse,
In sickness and in health,
So long as we all shall live.
Written by the Rev. Lynn Ungar
March 11, 2020
Vicki Stanfield, Friedberg Moravian, Winston-Salem, VP Provincial Women’s Board

My yard and neighborhood have never been more beautiful...fragrant white wisteria, blossoming pink dogwoods, Hershey red azaleas in full bloom. God gives us signs of His sovereignty each day.
My most peaceful moments have come in the evening when I see the Moravian stars shining in the darkness. It reminds me of God’s presence shining down upon us.
Barbara Davis, Advent Moravian Church

Easter morning when my alarm went off, I rolled over and grabbed my phone so I could listen to the sunrise service.  I was comforted by the sound of the voices of both John and Mary Rights. The birds were singing (still not sure if they were on the broadcast or outside my window). When the minister got to the part in the service where we would, under different circumstances, be walking to the graveyard, I hopped out of bed, grabbed my robe and a blanket and headed to my patio. I too was going to watch the sun rise. As sunrises go, this was less than spectacular, the clouds were mixing in there, but it was still MY Moravian sunrise. The Lord is Risen!
The Lord Is Risen indeed! Martha Johnson, Konnoak Hills Moravian, Winston-Salem, NC, Board Member

Being home for weeks has been productive and interesting. I have spent many hours working in the yard and flower beds.  As I worked, I listened to birds singing and spoke or waved to neighbors as they walked by. My time in the yard was very peaceful and our yard has never looked greener or more beautiful.
Life has been interesting in adjusting to worship without being in a church building, not shopping for that new spring outfit, or getting takeout from my favorite restaurant. During this time I have come to rely on internet more than ever. I learned about Zoom and how to use it. Holy Week services, Easter, and Sunday services have been on the computer in my home.  I celebrated Maundy Thursday Communion sitting in my den watching a computer screen.  My circle at Macedonia had our April meeting through emails from our creative circle leader to all ladies.
Moravian Facebook Fellowship helps me connect with Moravians around the world. I have listened to brass bands from South Africa, daily devotions from St. Thomas, and our local group of ministers and musicians who give a Wednesday devotional and music program.  Each day I look forward to the “Musical Moment” presented by Becky Lepore, Director of Music at Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem, PA. She is an amazing musician and plays a familiar hymn on piano or organ.
During this unusual time, one of my favorite events was the challenge by other Moravians to “let our light shine” by hanging our stars and letting “Our Light Shine” until life is back to normal. Moravians from many Provinces shared pictures of their stars shining and giving Light and Hope to all the world.
My “new” normal has allowed more time to do things I enjoy doing and has expanded my use of technology. I keep up with family and friends through my computer and phone.  Now I “attend” church services and other events of the Moravian Church while sitting in my home looking at a screen. Susan Parker, Macedonia Moravian Church, Advance, NC, Board Member
Photo by Susan Parker

God has blessed me with wonderful neighbors who phone, text, or call across our yards to be sure I'm OK. They ask if I need anything.  Some go for 3-4 items at the grocery for me telling me we'll settle up later when I offer to pay for these items.  They were watching out for me last year when I came home from the hospital and my daughter's in June from having back surgery in late May.
Sure do miss not going up the mountain for Spiritual Life Retreat this year.  Ada Vernon
Home Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC
The Fairview Congregation is very blessed to have people taking care of each other.  Due to us not having a Lovefeast at church, one couple delivered Lovefeast and hot cross buns to 100 people.   Neighbors baking for neighbors, buying items for people not able to leave homes, calling each other is our way of helping during this pandemic.  Enjoying being with our family more and not rushing to appointments, taking walks and seeing nature.  Hopefully we will have our 90th Birthday Party in June and remember our Fall Fare on November 14th.  Stay safe and keep a song in your heart.

Christ Moravian   Our women have been keeping busy in spite of the current COVID 19.
We have been communicating through cards, phone calls and even through our computers. We were able to mail our shut ins Easter cards. We are still working on our Lenten Project sponsored by our church. We collected canned goods for Sunnyside Ministry and collected items for City with Dwellings. The project has been extended until the end of April. We also with our congregation had a flower cross in front of the church office. People from the neighborhood came by along with our members also came and brought flowers. We are looking forward when we get back together and continue our projects.

Greetings from the Women's Fellowship of Bethania Moravian Church! The Women of Bethania stand strong during this difficult time and continue to serve those in need, several of our women have made masks, in fact over 900 to donate to our health care workers and to those of our congregation that need one.  We have a Blessings Box outside which people can come by and get masks.  We are continuing to provide for our Shut Ins by dropping off food and other essentials.
We have hope that soon we will be able to gather in our church as one again.  But for now, our Interim Pastor, Judy and our choir director, Scott with the help of Scott's wife provide us worship services via Facebook.  We can't thank them enough for their service to our congregation.
Please stay safe and take care.  Prayers for those who are need and with God's blessing we will return to some normalcy.
Barbara Peiffer, President, Bethania Moravian Church, Women's Fellowship

Text Box: Correction 
Our apologies for a mistake in the article “Yokfellow’s Spiritual Growth Class and CAKE!” which appeared in the previous newsletter. The corrected sentence should have read “Therefore these men never received direction, correction, care or a positive hero type for them to emulate.”

Sunday May 3rd, in honor of our 247th anniversary the Friedberg Women's Fellowship sponsored a drive by drop in Food Drive benefiting Sunnyside
Ministries.  The goal of the Women's Fellowship was to collect 2,470 lbs of non-perishable food items for Sunnyside.  We far exceeded our goal
with a collection of 5, 316 lbs. of food items.  David Holstein stated that it was the largest food donation ever to Sunnyside. Along with greeting our fellow members with waves from our cars we were serenaded by a few members of our band playing familiar Moravian Hymns.  It was a wonderful experience and one we will never forget.

Vicki Stanfield

Blessing Boxes
Does your church have a blessing box? Let us know. We are hoping to publish information about Blessing Boxes around the Province in the next newsletter. pwbmcsp@gmail.com            336.722.4911

Helping Happenings
Sunday Morning At Konnoak Hills Moravian
Food Drops Continue for Sunnyside Ministry
10:00 to 12:00 noon
      In the Coronavirus Economy, crisis ministries such as Sunnyside Ministry are challenged to address an increasing food insecurity in our community.  David Holston, Director of Sunnyside has said: As long as we have the staff to open the building, people to help us serve our neighbors, and food to meet the need, Sunnyside Ministry will remain open. 
     The staff and a heroic team of Sunnyside college scholarship recipients continue to sustain Sunnyside’s critical services.  Our Sunday morning donations in March and April have contributed to the 250 family-size food orders distributed each week.  Since March 22, we’ve, donated over 3,000 pounds of groceries. 
   We have also been blessed to receive a supportive call from Moravian friends in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  This couple is sending a portion of their stimulus checks to add to our food donations.   We also thank our band members and Bobby and Lily Rominger for bringing musical praise to the parking lot in these weeks.
       All are invited to make this opportunity a weekly habit.  In these days of uncertainty and social instability, it is also a way to maintain the weekly rhythm of the Sabbath.

Red Cross Blood Drive - Saturday, May 9th
11:00 - 3:30
Konnoak Hills Moravian Church - 3401 Konnoak Drive
To schedule an appointment, visit www.redcrossblood.org. Enter sponsor code "Konnoak Hills Moravian"
We're supporting the Red Cross in its mission to maintain the critical blood supply needed in these extraordinary months. Additional safety protocals are now in place. Donors will be asked to wear face masks covering mouths and noses (masks supplied if needed). Appointments are highly encouraged to help manage donor flow and social distancing. Temperatures will be taken at the door. Guests will not be able to attend (e.g. friends and children) All canteen refreshments will be pre-packaged.

In times of crisis, we often witness the best of humanity as people roll up a sleeve to help those in need. Be a life-saving blessing.

Next Serving and Sharing Newsletter Published August 6th

Friday, March 27, 2020

Office Hours Update

In keeping with guidance from our government and PEC, the Provincial Women's Board will no longer have office hours until further notice. 

Email me if you need to get in touch. Also voice mails can be left on the office phone.